A holiday is a peaceful, relaxing time and this should be the case whether you are on your own or with a number of little ones by your side. You may think it will automatically be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Planning ahead and being prepared can be a great way to leave you plenty of time to relax, just as is intended on your holidays!

So, how do you plan for a larger family and make your holiday with a small army a breeze rather than a brawl?

Plan Around the Children

A trip full of adults can be full of sightseeing and cultural absorption – but smaller children simply cannot cram that much into their day without some serious crankiness. In this case, plan your activities around the youngest member of your group and what they can handle in their day. A simple schedule is more flexible for your child – expect lots of stops – and less stress for you to fit everything in!

Go BIG – Once a Day

Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on all the big things that your holiday in Crete has to offer. Whether it is exploring the Palace of Knossos or Chania Old Town, there is a world of culture which is on offer and that you need to enjoy on your trip. So, don’t forego them altogether for fear your children will not be able to handle such full days! Simply plan one big activity per day in order to spread out the big activities. This makes things less tiring for you, but it also keeps the stress away from you and gives you a chance to enjoy these amazing cultural points!

Snacks and Drinks 

Hotter environments mean that both you and your children will need to drink more. The heaviest thing you should be taking out with you on a daily basis should be your drinks, enough for both you and your little ones. If you don’t want to carry it you should plan ahead, work out the best places to get drinks quickly so that you stay hydrated throughout a long day of adventures. You should also plan ahead with the various snacks that your smaller family members will require. Some of their favourites, plus a number of fun local snacks to try is a great idea. Going to the supermarket to pick out these snacks can be an adventure in itself!

Wet Wipes

These are a parent’s best friend; even as your children get older the power of a wet wipe should not be ignored. A spill, accident or any other type of mess can often be easily fixed by a quick swipe of a wipe. Chances are, you already know how much of a lifesaver these little wipes are. But, you may forget to pack enough to last you the whole holiday. More is always better, especially with children at your heels!

Whether or not you are travelling with children or not, at Pure Crete we offer plenty of villas in Crete to accommodate larger groups for you to choose from, so go ahead and book your stay with us.