​Are You a Tourist or a Traveller?


​​​​27th November 2015

Generally when people talk about going on holiday, they refer to themselves as either “tourists” or “travellers”. Although there is nothing wrong with this, we wondered if there was in fact any difference between the two terms.

As providers of stunning Crete villa holidays, we see a variety of different holidaymakers who travel to different places for varying different reasons. Could this have some influence on whether you are a tourist or a traveller? Let’s take a look!

The Difference

Usually, a tourist will be someone who wants to visit a country to experience all the popular sights and attractions that a destination will offer. Usually these people will aim to visit all these sights and document their time that they have spent there with photographs and souvenirs.

A traveller has a slightly different view of travelling to another country. Rather than visiting the places that are well known to the area, travellers tend to venture off into their destination in the hopes that they can learn something about the culture and everyday life of the locals who live there.

Rather than using travel guides, a traveller will find out good spots to visit by asking locals which means they will probably end up finding some of the areas hidden gems!

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to be a Tourist or a Traveller?

If you aren’t sure where you see yourself on the tourist-traveller spectrum, then let us help you out.

Generally to be considered a tourist, you will consult many different travel guides and find the places that everyone wants to visit when they travel to that destination. If you love booking holidays which have tours and events included, then you can probably bet that you are more of a tourist than a traveller.

Accommodation wise, you will usually find yourself in a central, well populated area of your destination. This central position will allow you to have access to some of the most popular sights and sounds and you’ll probably be surrounded by people who have the same view on travelling as you do.

Travellers tend to have a broader view on the whole holiday thing. You will usually be quite spontaneous on your trip, and will tend to spend more time in one area than travelling around to different ones.

Forget about consulting a travel guide, you will rely on your own instincts and the recommendations or the locals that you encounter. The locals will be your complete, free guide to the area, letting you in on some of the best, must-see areas that might not be mentioned in other guides.

Whether you are a traveller or a tourist, we don’t mind! Everyone goes on holiday for different reasons, and our Crete holiday villas cater for every style! If you would like to find out more information about our Crete holiday villas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01444 880 404.