Crete is a wonderful and popular holiday destination, and you’re sure to have a great time no matter what you end up doing while you’re there. But to make the most out of what Crete has to offer, we recommend doing the following things!

Visit the Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is widely regarded as being the most amazing natural attraction in Crete! The views are nothing short of breathtaking, and the possibility of seeing the rare Kri-Kri goat will add even more excitement to your trip. It’s definitely a lengthy trip to do the whole 16km gorge path, but completion is very rewarding and the end destination happens to be the warm waters of the Libyan Sea at Agia Roumeli.

Discover The Ruins Of Knossos!

The remains of the famous Minoan Palace were uncovered in 1900 and have since been a popular tourist destination. The site is tremendously interesting and now features substantial reconstruction in order to help visitors visualise what the palace would have looked like in its prime! However, be sure to buy a traveller’s guide to the site so that you know each part that you are looking at as sign presence is low.

Spend a Day in the Capital!

Crete’s capital is home to 150,000 people and to say that the city is booming with life would be the understatement of the year! Its museums are world famous, especially the archaeological museum – definitely worth a look. The Venetian harbour is gorgeous and the historical churches are great sites to explore. The nightlife is buzzing, as you would expect, and there are plenty of fantastic restaurants across the city!

Go to the Beach!

You thought we missed out the most important one, didn’t you? Crete has over 350 beautiful beaches to boast, but we have specially selected our favourite 3 for you to look at:

Balos Beach, North-West in the region of Chania: Gorgeous sands coupled with a featured island, and a Venetian castle at its peak!

Elafonissi Beach, South-West also in the region of Chania: Exotic crystal waters with cedar trees following the coastline.

Mrytos Beach, one of the most exotic beaches in Greece, features pure white sands and pebbles in an area romantically secluded by cliffs.

So there you have it, just a few ideas to help you make that holiday travel plan! We hope all of these destinations make you even more excited to visit Crete, and if you’re looking for holidays in Crete, check out our website or contact us on 01444 880 404 for great deals!