The island of Crete is magnificent. It’s landscape is flawless and it’s seascape even more so. When it comes to planning your holiday you need to pick the accommodation location that is best suited to you. To help you to determine whether you’re best suited to a blissful beachside villa or a villa situated off-the-beaten-track we’re going to do a series of blogs to help you make that all important decision! Read on to find out the reasons why you should choose a villa with a beautiful beach location.

Breathtaking Beauty

One of the main reasons why you’d choose a villa by the sea is because of their undeniable beauty and it’s relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect place for a holiday lazing underneath the sun. All of our houses by the sea are attractive; they are designed and furnished to ensure that you can have the perfect holiday.

Sensational Sunbathing & Swimming

For those who crave sunbathing, swimming and the feeling of soft sand between their toes, a beach side holiday is certainly for you.

Fresh, Pure & Divine Ambience

The sea air is pure and fabulously fresh giving each of our beachside villas a divine ambience, worthy of the Greek gods. A holiday by the sea will certainly have you feeling refreshed, and isn’t that exactly what you need?

An Explorer’s Dream

If exploring is something that you look for in a holiday, a beachside location is for you. Crete is full of coves and coastal beauty that are perfect for exploring; from wildlife to ancient artefacts you never know what you might find.

One of the main reasons that people choose Crete for a holiday is for the beautiful, calming turquoise waters and gorgeous golden beaches. If you’re a lover of the sea or just want to sun bathe under the Cretan sun, we know that our Crete holiday villas beside the seaside are certainly for you!

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