​The Advantages of Villas


​​​​25th March 2014

A holiday in Crete gives you a fantastic opportunity to experience the sights, attractions, culture and food of the Greek islands, and you’ll find it really easy to fill your itinerary for a truly enjoyable holiday. However, where you stay can make a surprising difference to your holiday.

Here at Pure Crete we offer a range of traditional village houses and villas as an alternative to the more ‘normal’ hotel, and we think that this is the perfect way to stay in Crete because there are so many advantages.

Many visitors to Crete come to enjoy the sunshine, and it’s great to spend a few hours relaxing beside the pool. However, in a hotel, you may have to fight for space, and it can be hard to relax properly when you’re surrounded by strangers. By staying in one of our Crete villas with pools, however, you’ll have your own private poolside, with nobody but your family or friends around.

The second advantage that villas offer over hotels is the freedom to come and go as you please. If you happen to be a night owl, you won’t need to worry about getting up in time for breakfast, as you’ll have full kitchen facilities on hand to have breakfast at your own pace. Many of our villas also offer stunning views, so instead of breakfasting in a large dining room surrounded by people, you may be able to dine in peace and quiet on a beautiful terrace overlooking fantastic scenery!

Villas are ideal for families too, as you won’t need to worry about whether the hotel will be able to allocate your rooms together – we have a range of villas and houses which are ideal for groups or large families, so you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday together.

Financially speaking, there are other benefits to a villa holiday. Because you have full kitchen facilities, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to eat out. Whilst eating out at a taverna is great fun and will give you an authentic taste of the Greek islands, you will also be able to browse local markets and shops for fresh produce and cook up your own taste of Crete, which can save a lot of money over eating out all the time.

The biggest advantage to a villa holiday, of course, is that it will allow you to live like a local and experience Crete the way it should be experienced!