​Something for Everyone


​​​​30th January 2014

Not everybody wants the same from their holiday; some like pure relaxation, others like to pack in as much adventure and excitement as possible, and still others like to make it an educational experience. Whatever you want from a holiday, however, the island of Crete has something for everyone.

The Peace Seeker

If your idea of the perfect holiday involves peace and quiet, and long days lounging by the pool with a long drink, then our Crete villas with pools are perfect for you! You can enjoy the long hours of sunshine – up to 13 in an average July day – and have a dip in the pool to cool off when the temperature soars, all in complete privacy. Just remember to keep the sun cream handy!

The Adventurer

For those who can’t abide staying still when there are sights to see, Crete offers a stunning natural landscape with plenty to explore. Put on your best boots and hike down the Samaria Gorge, delve into caves like the Bear’s Cave (Arkoudospilia or Arkoudiotissa), or seek out some of the island’s many Minoan, Byzantine and Roman ruins.

The Nature Lover

Crete is home to a wide range of beautiful – and sometimes endangered – animal and bird species. It’s one of the last places where the bearded vulture or Lammergeier still exists, and offers an excellent opportunity for keen birdspotters to see other birds of prey in their natural habitat. We value sustainable tourism, so we also offer a carbon offset scheme for environmentally-minded holiday makers.

The Gourmet

The Mediterranean diet is renowned worldwide for its health benefits; primarily centred around vegetables, fish and other seafood. There are plenty of fantastic tavernas and restaurants throughout Crete, where you can enjoy authentic Cretan cuisine, or you can explore the markets for fresh produce and try your hand at a few local recipes yourself.

With so much to offer, Crete is an excellent holiday destination, as you’ll find something to please every member of your family.