Crete has many different aspects which make it the perfect holiday destination; picturesque beaches, excellent food, amazing wines and architectural wonders. Millions of tourists every year choose Crete as their holiday spot, and it’s no surprise why. However, our experts have noticed that there are some key mistakes continuously made by tourists, so here is a list of what not to do when visiting.

1. Don’t Think of Crete Just as a Beach Holiday

Yes, Crete has some excellent beaches which can be perfect for a day of relaxing in the sun with a good book. But Crete has so much more to offer. If you really want to explore Crete’s incredible mix of culture and history, then you need to take a walk through its cities and historical sites. Just focusing on the beach means you miss out on so much Crete has to offer.

2. Don’t Stick to the Tourist Restaurants

There is no point in choosing such an exotic location as Crete for your holiday if you are going to stick to the food you normally eat at home. Many tourist restaurants offer food that tourists are familiar with. As such, these meals certainly won’t provide you with any new experiences. To try real Crete cuisine, find a local restaurant off the beaten path, and order something you wouldn’t get at home to experience the full delights and delicacies Crete has to offer.

3. Don’t Try and Do Everything in a Short Time

Crete has so much to offer, whether you are a fan of ancient history, churches, beaches or new cuisines. Attempting to do everything in a few days means you will rush the important areas, and not experience them as they are intended to be. It is far better to choose a few of your most enjoyable aspects of Crete and appreciate them fully than to do everything and rush it.

Although Crete is a relatively small island, it is far better to visit several times and appreciate everything, than miss its exquisite nature through a whirlwind tour. Crete and its mysteries will always be waiting for you to return.

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