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Small conference and seminar facilities at Malaxa


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Demetrios the owner of two of our houses in Malaxa has recently established a small conference/seminar facility set in wonderful mountain scenery. The facility is are particularly suitable for small groups of geologists, botanists archaeologists, academic and other groups associated with environmental issues.  

The Observer June 2008:

“We pass another memorable night at Malaxa, a mountain village where Demitris Vamvounakis has revived his local community by creating a cooperative to produce organic food. Demitris has rebuilt one of the village’s stone houses and into this beautifully crafted contemporary home he has incorporated two adjoining reception rooms in which he holds evenings of Cretan culture. About 14 of us drink fine local wine, and eat superb organic traditional food, prepared by Demitris’s wife, Katerina.

“The evening starts gently with our knowledgeable, charming and amusing hosts talking about food, language, flora and fauna, and festivals. But as the raki kicks in, we all gain the confidence to broach heavier issues such as arranged marriages (still prevalent), dowries, macho gun culture and politics. The kids listen open-mouthed to tales of men firing endless rounds of ammunition into the air at daughters’ weddings as a sign of prosperity and pride.”

Catherine Mack  

 Please call the Pure Crete office for further information.


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