Luxury Villa Holidays & Luxury Villas in Crete

Here at Pure Crete we have a selection of the finest luxury villa holidays on the market. If you’re looking for a luxury villa holiday Crete-style then look no further. Pure Crete is a renowned agent for high quality holidays and villas. We specialise in all-inclusive, self-catering, luxury, villa holiday Crete style. All of the houses, villas and holidays described on this website are situated in Cretan villages set in the fabulous foothills of the White Mountains overlooking the sea.


Pure Crete is a holiday company that offers traditional luxury villas in Crete. Most of our luxury villa holidays in Crete feature accommodation which has been restored, thus giving our customers the real taste of Crete. Most villas in Crete have been built with modern undertones over the past few years, but at Pure Crete we restore classic villas in Crete, which helps preserve the local environment.

Many of our luxury villa holidays Crete style feature villas which have been restored from dereliction by Pure Crete in co-operation with local families using traditional building methods. Therefore, your stay contributes to the livlihood of the local community and supports the local culture. We also support the protection of endangered species in Crete. So, through our Crete luxury villa holidays and service we help to ensure that the natural and physical environment benefits from your custom.

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