Spotlight on: Vangelis

Standing alone and commanding impressive views over Cretan countryside, both towards the sea and up to the White Mountains, Vangelis offers a rare opportunity for quiet contemplation and romantic seclusion. This handsome stone-built Cretan house is also ideal for families and is just 3 miles to the sandy beaches of Kalives.

Villa Vangelis in Crete

House owners Vangelis and Vasso, a young couple from the local village of Stilos, built the house themselves as newly-weds, on land they were given as a wedding present from their families. Testament to the romantic nature of the house are the “hidden” heart-shaped stones in the indoor walls of the house which Vangelis placed for his bride.

Inside Villa Vangelis

The village centre of Stilos (sometimes spelt Sylos) is located 1 mile from Vangelis HouseStilos is well known locally for its riverside tavernas shaded by giant plane trees where weddings and christenings are often celebrated. Live music can be enjoyed through the night on summer music evenings at the tavernas. 

As quoted in the Rough Guide to Crete:
“South from Áptera you can follow minor roads inland to circle round via the Dhrápano peninsula, a very attractive drive. The first place of any size is STÝLOS (Στύλος), which is where the Australian and New Zealand rearguard made their final stand during the Battle of Crete (this was then the start of the main road south), enabling the majority of Allied troops to be evacuated while they themselves were mostly stranded on the island. Many found refuge in the villages in the foothills around here and were later smuggled off the island – some of these villages were destroyed in retribution.

Today Stýlos is an attractive old place on a rushing river, whose excellent tavernas are a popular outing for city-folk from Haniá. The local spring water is bottled under the Samariá brand (it comes in jugs in the restaurants here), and there’s a very ancient church, Áyios Ioánnis Theológos, usually open, with damaged frescoes inside.”

Street in Stýlos

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