The Sirens’ House: Myths of the Bay

We love hearing about ancient myths and legends, and the Greek culture has some of the most colourful and imaginative myths and legends ever recorded. From the adventures of the mighty Hercules to the tragedy of the gods and the mortals who worshipped them, it’s no surprise that, when we’re looking for a little adventure and romantic history, we turn to our ancestors’ stories to keep us entertained and in wonder.

Our majestic Crete villas with pools are no exception to this. Surrounded by wild, magical lands, each location holds its very own story for you to discover on your holiday.

The myth surrounding the formation of Souda Bay is one of the most tragic yet mystical of them all.



A Contest of Music

Sirens, throughout the centuries, have been depicted as wicked sea-like maidens whose sweet songs lure unsuspecting sailors overboard. In the earlier myths, however, they were said to be winged women of both the land and the ocean. Hera, the Queen of the Gods, persuaded the Sirens to enter into a music competition with the Muses, elegant Gods of artistic inspiration.

After the Sirens lost the competition, it’s said that the Muses plucked the feathers from the Sirens’ wings and, in anguish, the Sirens threw themselves into the Souda Bay, turning into the Leukai islands (Leukai meaning ‘white ones’ in ancient Greek).

Today, they’re known as the Nisi and Leon islands which help to form the stunning Souda Bay.



The Sirens’ House

Sitting as a lone figure, high above the Souda Bay, Sirens’ House is a perfect example of traditional Cretan architecture. Romantic and secluded, this house is truly off the beaten track with stunning, sweeping views of the Kalami beach and its own gardens below.

If, however, you wish to experience a different side to the myth, Muse’s is a another beautifully remote house situated in Souda Bay. The classic structure is a warming and inviting place for your family and, with mesmerising views across the Bay, you’ll be inspired by what you see.

 sirens house


Crete is rich in history and the whispers of myths and legends; discover its ancient, inspiring stories today. Contact us on 01444 880 404 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more stunning news and accommodations in Crete!


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