Getting away with the family and exploring new places is a fantastic way to make wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime. Travelling to Crete is a great destination for a family holiday as the flight time from the UK is short, so you’ll easily be able to keep the little ones entertained. With the weather averaging 26 degrees throughout the year, it’s a great place to get away and enjoy some sunshine. Below we’ve listed out just some of the great things you can do in Crete with your family.

Dive In!

If you’re a family of water babies, the crystal clear waters of Crete will be sure to delight the whole group. There are loads of scuba diving centres around Crete where you and your kids can explore the underwater world surrounding the coastal island. There are plenty of fun water sports to get involved in too, including sea kayaking and boat trips where you can head out to sea, taking in the exquisite views.

Dinosauria Park

This incredible pre-historic themed park makes for a great family adventure. You could take your kids on a historical tour throughout the island, starting at Dinosauria Park and working your way around the island, through ancient Greek history. There’s an amazing selection of model dinosaurs, which move and make noises and have interactive games for your children to learn about the prehistoric period.

Samaria Gorge

Visit the longest gorge in Europe. At 18km long, Samaria Gorge is one of the most popular trips to do whilst in Crete and with such diverse landscape along the trail, it’s no surprise. You can walk through the gorge for between 4-8 hours, with plenty of resting points for snacks and drinks. If that’s a little too long for you, or the weather is super hot, you can hop on one of the forest’s adorable riding donkeys which will carry you to the edge of the gorge.

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