As the largest and most well-known of the Greek islands, Crete attracts millions of tourists every year. While most sunseekers will be heading to the beach, there are great historical attractions and some quiet idyllic villages just waiting to be explored.

These hidden gems of Crete are ideal if you’re looking to get away from some of the crowds for a day, or you just want to experience some of the unique charm on offer on the island. To help you plan your holidays in Crete, we’ve put together a few of the villages that are well worth a visit.


One of the most peaceful villages on the island is Frangokastello. With next to no traffic and plenty of history, and varying sized, beautifully located villas in Greece, it offers up something for everyone. It’s perhaps best known for the beautiful Venetian castle which was built right on the beach in 1731 to help protect the island against the threat of local uprisings as well as pirates.

Aside from the castle, there are quiet, white sandy beaches to be enjoyed in the area, as well as some of the best views of the White Mountains that Crete has to offer.


Supposedly where Zeus grew up, Anogia is an incredibly charming village that can be found on the breathtaking Psiloritis Mountain. The village has gained a reputation for locally sourced food as well as the friendly locals. For those wanting a true taste of Crete, you can enjoy some traditional music in some of the local air theatres during the summer months.

If you’re a fan of nature, then Anogia really can’t be beaten. If you’re feeling up to it, there are plenty of hiking and cycling trails to be enjoyed. If short walks are more your thing, then you should make a note to watch the morning sunrise from one of the many vistas in Anogia.


Rethymno is actually the third biggest town in Crete, but despite this, when it comes to holidays in Crete, it still remains fairly quiet when compared to some of the island’s tourist hotspots. Known as a dreamer’s paradise, the town has plenty for architecture buffs to enjoy. With beautiful Venetian and Turkish buildings on display wherever you look, the old town is indisputably beautiful. As it’s Crete, you’re never too far from a beach, and Rethymno doesn’t disappoint. Combining white sand with a charming harbour, it’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to unearth some of Crete’s rich history.

If you’re thinking about exploring Crete on your next holiday, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to offer you advice as well as find you the perfect villa to enjoy your holiday from.