Going on holiday is a fantastic experience that can help you to feel relaxed and refreshed as you take a break from the realities of daily life. As a parent, however, travelling can bring its own stresses, and taking your children on holiday can be a downright exhausting experience, whether for the first time or tenth!

So, we thought we would help out all those parents out there by putting together a list of tips for travelling with kids.

#1 – Pack Games and Toys

As a parent, you may be worried about how you’re going to keep your kids entertained on a flight. A bag for the flight for each child could be packed full of toys and activities such as colouring-in books to keep them entertained.

#2 – Try Booking a Flight for Bedtime

Ideally, your kids will be too tired to stay awake during the flight. If you’re hoping that they might just drop off, it’s a good idea to fly at a time that they would normally be going to sleep. We’re not saying it will definitely work, but keeping to their routine might just save you an unpleasant flight!

#3 – Avoid Pressure-Related Ear Pain

You will know the feeling of your ears popping when you take off and land. However, this feeling can range from discomfort to pain in different people. Unfortunately, children seem to have the raw end of the deal and often experience greater discomfort than adults. Try practising yawning with your child before the flight so they know how to deal with the discomfort and arm yourself with boiled sweets for children over the age of three.

#4 – Check Passport Dates

Unlike adult’s passports, children’s passports are only valid for five years, so it’s a good idea to double-check that they are still valid when booking your holiday. It is also worth remembering that your passport should be valid up to six months after the end of your holiday.

#5 – Book Your Seats

While pre-booking seats on flights can cost a little bit extra, it is definitely worth it if you’re travelling with children. You are likely to be sat together whether you book or not, but pre-booking allows you to choose a window seat or aisle seat if needed. Putting children in the window seat can be a great way of keeping them entertained as they can look out of the window and watch all the tiny houses, roads and fields pass by.

While the flying part of the holiday may not be particularly exciting when you’re travelling with children, at least you know that you will get to unwind and enjoy your holiday in one of our beautiful villas in Crete, Mallorca or any of our other exciting destinations.

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