Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting Blue Flag beaches, historic towns, and archaeological remains which date back thousands of years, there are so many things to see and do on this perfect island.

If you’re planning on visiting Crete, here are the top five Greek experiences you need to try.

Try the Cuisine

Tasting the Cretan cuisine is a must when visiting the beautiful island. Their most famous dish is the Dakos – a Cretan salad. But, there are also numerous delicious meat dishes to sample on your visit.

When it comes to drink, many people associate Greece with Ouzo. The slightly harder form of that is Tsipouro, or Raki. Crete also produces many great wines, ensuring everybody will find a beverage that requires to their tastes. Here are some foods to try while in Crete.

Visit Knossos

Knossos is the most famous archaeological site on the island, and of all the things to do in Crete, this is the most popular, dating back many thousands of years. Legend and myth say that the palace was the home of King Minos, the same legendary King who had a labyrinth constructed in which to keep his son, the infamous Minotaur.

The palace and the city was the seat of power for the Minoan Empire, who ruled this part of the world in ancient times. Natural catastrophes in the form of earthquakes destroyed the civilisation, and buried the city around 1100BC. It was rediscovered in 1878, when Englishman Sir Arthur Evans excavated much of what we see today.

Walk The Samaria Gorge

Walking the Samaria Gorge is another trip which rates among the most popular things to do in Crete. This 18km length gorge takes around 6 hours to complete. Along the walk, you will see stunning natural formations and hopefully the occasional mountain goat.

The walk finishes literally on the beach, with many people choosing to cool off in the waters. For a great day out, and if you’re feeling fit, this is a great way to spend a day in Crete.

Visit Caves

Bring the adventurer out in you by visiting the Dikteon Cave in Crete. This huge, stunning cave of over 2200 square metres was used as a place of worship for thousands of years.

This cave is as mysterious and forbidding as Greek myth itself. According to legend, Rhea hid her new-born Zeus from Cronos, his father, in this cave. Home to long-eared bats, the cavern is lit with eerie red and green lights. This is a place that will challenge your imagination not to go into overdrive.

Enjoy Their Beaches

Crete offers over 1000km of coastline meaning there are numerous beaches for you to enjoy! Many who plan holidays to hot destinations tend to plan their holiday around a beach in mind, and one of the great things about Crete is the availability to hire a car and drive to all the different ones around the island.

Elafonisi beach is among the most stunning, renowned for its pink and white sand. This beach is a small island off Crete, but it’s possible to walk across the waters at low tide. If you find you want to be in a more isolated location, you may find Kedrodasos beach more ideal.

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