Packing light is crucial. Still, a lot more goes into planning the perfect suitcase for a summer holiday in Crete! Knowing what to take with you is important, even when going to an island with such an agreeable weather. You don’t want to be short on clothes and essentials, just as you don’t want to overpack with things you don’t actually need.

So, what exactly are the absolute essentials to pack for a summer holiday in this amazing island?

Appropriate Clothing

Summer in Crete will offer you fantastic temperatures and days filled with sunshine. Having the right clothes with you is important, then, as you don’t want to find yourself with a suitcase full of heavy coats or boots you’ll never wear… hiking boots, sure, go ahead! After all, there are many trails, gorges and mountains to climb and explore, and appropriate footwear is crucial.

Pack a jacket just in case, so that if the weather does turn, you’re not caught unawares. Apart from that, bring short sleeves and light clothes and shoes, so that you can better enjoy the climate without overheating. Also, don’t forget the bathing suit for all those dips in the ocean or in pools you’re going to do.


Will all that sun, one thing that you will need is sunscreen to protect your skin. Getting a tan is fine – and, for most, desirable – but you don’t want to end up red as a lobster or with a sunburn that might ruin the rest of your holiday. There are few worst things than having to avoid sunbathing for the remainder of your time in Crete because your got sunburned! An after-sun cream and moisturisers should also be part of your packing list.


Going to another country and not taking a camera with you is unthinkable! Make sure to pack it with other essentials, like your passport; this way, you won’t forget it back home. A camera will let you preserve all the amazing memories you’re going to make and will help you share them with others – and will create beautiful wallpapers for your computer too!

Hat and Sunglasses

A lot of people get ill or have migraines if they’re not wearing a hat when under the heat of the sun. for this reason, make sure that you bring one with you and that your family, from the little ones to the grown-ups, are also wearing a hat. And, with so much sun to enjoy, sunglasses will make your life easier too! They’re not mandatory, of course, but they can make you feel better, especially if the day is particularly sunny.

Travel Adaptor

Most people, if not all, will bring their phones with them when they go on holiday; others will also take their laptops. A travel adaptor is essential, then, so that you can charge them and use them during your time in Crete. And, of course, you’ll want to keep your digital camera charged too, otherwise, there’ll be no point in taking it with you!

When you go on holiday to Crete in the summer, you can pretty much expect sunny days, so make sure that you are prepared to deal with it! You can also prepare for your summer vacation by choosing your accommodation today, from houses with pools to houses and villas for large groups.