There’s nothing more exciting than the lead-up to a holiday; the countdown to that first cold drink on a beach, the anticipation of a dip in the pool to cool down. But… wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait?

When it comes to booking a holiday, its true when they say that the early bird catches the worm; but not all of us are that organised. The good news is that by doing the opposite and booking late, you can bag a bargain! After the numerous bank holidays, maybe your just not ready to go back to work? Monday got you needing a break? Well, there is a huge list of benefits to booking your holiday late…


If you have holidays left at work to take and your employer is flexible, this is your perfect opportunity. Dependant on your personal situation, a last-minute booking could be the ideal option for you. That’s the beauty of it; there’s no stress of worrying about anything else and no long wait, simply book and go. If you aren’t restricted by time of year such as school holidays, then all you need to do is clear your work schedule and hop on that flight. When prepping in advance for a holiday you may think you should organise everything, well, in reality, you just need you, your hold luggage and your excitement.

If you have no timing restrictions and are after a quick pick-me-up in the sun, then a late bargain may suit you perfectly.


Unlike Britain, there is most likely always somewhere in the world that will be hot. Some people think that to confirm the sun making an appearance you must book during the summer holidays; when that’s just not the case. There are endless options during other seasons, and it can even cost you less. Last minute picks are sure to give you the weather you are hoping for.


If you don’t have to travel at a certain time or have no specific preference for a hotel requirement then you don’t have to compromise on anything. If you are flexible to where you want to travel to and when then playing holiday roulette can really pay off. Flights and accommodation are bound to be cheaper and more efficient.


Booking a last-minute deal is sure to bring you a real buzz. Doing something spontaneous and out of the blue is truly good for the soul, and even though no ones like a brag, you won’t be able to help yourself shouting about the bargain you’ve just got! An impulsive purchase is bound to bring sheer excitement to your life. No need to sit through the work week without a smile on your face, when you know you’ll be jetting off soon enough.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of booking a late holiday deal is that there is no wait. The count-down to your holidays is shortened which brings even more excitement. There is no need to be patient with a late deal!

Booking late deals can be the best way to get a bargain and when booking in spring there is no need to wait much longer than a maximum of 18010 weeks before you can be on your travels. When scouring for a late deal patience can be needed to find the best deal; from comparison sites and flexibility calendars, it can take some time to get the best price.

At Pure Crete, our late deal offer is one not to miss. With £100 off per person, with flights, or 25% off accommodation during May and June, you could be living it up in 28-30-degree heat before the month is over. There is no need to shuffle through online comparisons with our team. Simply call, email or chat online to one of our friendly members and we will be happy to sort your perfect late deal out in no time. What you waiting for?