​New Year Travel Resolutions


​​​​29th December 2016

The New Year has sprung up on us quicker than we ever imagined, and with that long list of travel wishes, it seems like it’s never going to happen. So why not make 2017 the year when you start ticking those boxes? Wanderlust is forever at the top of many of our wish lists, and there is no better time to start than the beginning of a brand new year. Make it one to remember and become the traveller you’ve always longed to be.

Brave a Solo Trip

The idea of travelling alone can be very daunting, but is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. When you travel alone, this is the perfect opportunity to do everything YOU want to do and how you want do it. It may be easier with the comfort of a friend or a partner by your side, but you can build your confidence, independence and meet lots of new and interesting people. Whether you want a relaxed break, or an exploring adventure, travelling alone can be a fantastic way to do both these things.

Adventure in the Outdoors

Whether this be jumping on your bike with a friend and visiting unknown territory or taking a stroll in a place where you’ve always wanted to visit. Most of us carry out our day to day routine chained to city life, so why not discover some of Europe’s bike trials or go on a hiking break.  The world has many exciting delights on its doorstep and you can get a thrill to remember by just taking that chance and stepping into the great outdoors.

Explore a new City

The city is often the heartbeat of the surrounding areas and is where the buzz is bound to be. There is usually plenty to get involved in, in a city whether this be local music, food or a new culture experience. Why not pop through for a day or two, to the city of the area you are visiting and gain a new understanding of a new city. 

Taste your travels

What better way to experience travelling than to take in all the flavours of the place. Your palette has not been exposed to such flavours the rest of the world has to offer. Whether you’re a big foodie, or not, this gives you an excuse to travel anyway. This is a perfect mind and tummy satisfying way to travel in 2017.

Splash of Culture

Why not make your 2017 resolution to see that monument, painting or park that you’ve always wished to witness? History and culture surrounds us, but that is only a small percentage compared to what rest of the world has to offer. From the Mona Lisa, to the street art of Europe, or the mountains of wales to the ruins of Greece, there is plenty that we have not set eyes on.

2017 could be the year for you to prioritise travel and experience over material things, meet new people and see new places. While you are away you could take the chance to learn a new language and maybe take a break from the technology filled life and put that smart phone down.

Crete could be the perfect place to begin your travels and start your 2017 journey, in an up most beautiful place. You are sure to make it a year to remember and begin your experiences in a way like no other. For more information, or to enquire about visiting Crete, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on +44(0)1444 880 440 and we can help you kick start your wanderlust.