Crete is a popular destination, especially during spring and summer. However, winter is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! Whether you’re a nature lover, want to learn more about Cretan history or wish to visit ancient buildings connected to Greek myths, this coming season will allow you to do it all and more.

Visiting Crete during winter will also allow you to see the island in a new light – and have a very different experience than if you went in summer.

More Cost-Effective

It’s not just the accommodation, but travelling and doing activities around Crete are also cheaper, which can give you more value for your money. This is due to the fact that winter is considered off-season, as many people prefer to travel when the weather is warmer instead.

You can take full advantage of your winter break by going skiing when the mountains are heavy with snow, enjoying Cretan food by the fireplace of a traditional taverna, and visiting all locations on your list, so that you don’t miss anything.

Less Tourists

Your pictures will look even better without crowds of people in it! While meeting fellow travellers and Crete lovers during your holidays is always a plus, it can be difficult to shoot ancient buildings, breath-taking locations, and your own family without accidentally capturing other people in your photos.

There’s also fewer queues everywhere! While the weather won’t always be sunny, you’re likely to get many bright spells that will take your pictures to the next level.

Beautiful Scenery

Crete doesn’t become less stunning during winter. In fact, many would argue it becomes even more beautiful. The rivers and gorges fill with water again, which also means that waterfalls around Crete come to life once more.

The ancient trails and hiking routes are more enjoyable when the temperatures are lower, as the heat of the summer sun can be too much for many tourists. A sunny winter day presents the perfect opportunity to explore the island by foot without breaking a sweat!

Meet the Locals

Without so many people around you have the opportunity to meet local people and experience a different level of hospitality – one that is available when you have more time to explore the island! You’ll be able to understand local customs and traditions at a deeper level and engage Cretans in meaningful conversations.

If you love history and culture, then conversing with the locals is a great opportunity to learn more about this amazing island and everything it has to offer.

Crete is a beautiful island during all seasons of the year, so why not book your trip during winter? You’ll have the experience of a lifetime and enjoy the island in a way that not many people do. Contact us on +44 (0) 1444 880 404 to enquire about our villas in Crete and enjoy the winter wonderland that is Crete during the colder months!