​Off the Beaten Track


​​​​15th November 2016

Here at Pure Crete we know the many advantages that come with a holiday that’s off the beaten track. It is one of our greatest pleasures, so providing the best accommodation for such a holiday is something we strive for. There is nothing like a holiday that feels different and just that little bit more special, after all.

So, what are the advantages to moving away from the mainstream and having a holiday that is a little out of the ordinary?

Discounts and More Availability

One of the best reasons to tread a little off the beaten track is, of course, the rewards you might gain. More out of the way locations often come with a discounted price. People pay for convenience, but you might be surprised that all of the usual conveniences – shops, entertainment and others – can also be found in a more far removed location.

Also, people are much less likely to book a more out of the way location. For that reason, you may a lot more availability in these spots. Which also gives you much more choice if you decide to look at the different locations for the best deal. Left booking your holiday just a little too late? That might not be a problem if you decide to book off the beaten track!


Some people love nothing more than the hustle and bustle of a big city. There’s a reason that city breaks are so popular, after all! But, for some, a little more privacy is just what the doctor ordered for their holiday experience. You don’t always want to be fighting over the swimming pool and other such amenities. Villas with a private pool mean you never have to again!

Not only that but in a less populated area you also don’t have to worry about being too loud. Being considerate of your neighbours is always the polite thing to do and something Pure Crete advocates. To avoid such issues a more off the beaten path villa can be the perfect solution. Let loose and relax without the fear of an angry knock on the door!

Standalone villas such as the traditional Cretan architecture of Siren’s House are the perfect example of this – plus, who wouldn’t want to stay somewhere only a stone throw away from the beach?


You go on holiday in order to have a good time, free yourself from the stress of everyday life and come back in a more relaxed state. Having to deal with crowds for your entire holiday? The opposite of what you want.

Sure, it might be exciting to fight over deck chairs with a passive-aggressively placed towel the first few days. But eventually, such antics do begin to wear thin and leave you wishing for that all-important privacy. Going off the beaten track can take away a lot of the normal stresses of a holiday for this reason. Not only that, but you get to enjoy a smaller community and really absorb the local culture in places such as our fabulous Sculptor’s House.

Not to mention, when you wander off the beaten track you often find food that isn’t on the mainstream menu! If that isn’t a great stress relief, we don’t know what is.

If you’d like to discover which villas could give you the holiday you deserve, contact us today on 01444 880 404.