​How to Take Your Pets on Holiday


​​​​14th October 2016

It’s easier than ever before to take your pets on holiday with you. Since the introduction of the PETS scheme in 2001, you can take your dog, cat or ferret to Europe whenever you like, as long as you obey a few simple rules and guidelines.

Get a passport

The rules on pet passports have changed dramatically over the years, and are now very straightforward. Your pet will need a rabies injection, at least 21 days before travel, and a microchip. The passport can then be signed and stamped by an approved vet. Make sure your vet accurately records the microchip number on the passport, otherwise you may encounter problems. The best advice is to take all your pet’s documents with you when you travel to avoid any problems.

Is your pet comfortable with travelling?

If your pet gets anxious or upset when travelling, then don’t subject them to the stress of a long and unfamiliar journey. If your pet is happy to spend time in the car, then you’ll need to get a pet passport and book your crossing using an approved route and carrier. Some budget airlines will not take pets at all, although their rules are more flexible on assistance dogs. Pets travelling by air will be crated and carried in the hold.

If you travel by ferry, your pet will be expected to stay in your car in the hold for the duration of the crossing. For longer routes, you can now book a pet cabin, allowing your animal to stay with you on deck. Perhaps the easiest route is through the Eurotunnel, where your pet stays with you in the car and there’s no possibility of bad weather conditions upsetting them.

If you need to travel separately, you can even opt for a pet carrier company to transport your dog or cat for you. To do so, you will have to sign a “declaration of owner not accompanying pet during its journey” form.

Book pet-friendly accommodation

If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation on the beautiful island of Crete, please give us a ring at Pure Crete and we’ll do everything we can to match one of our beautiful properties to your needs.