Can you ever have too much of a good thing? When it comes to tourism and development on the island of Crete the answer is, unfortunately, a yes. Guaranteed, the island is beautiful, but how long will this beauty last if policies aren’t put in place to sustain the growth of tourism? Holiday companies must take responsibility for the impact their customers and their business activity has.

Working alongside local communities and charity groups the tourist sector can help prevent future damage to the elegance of the island. Without an integrated sustainable development programme the island may be tarnished to an irrecoverable level, disallowing the beauty to be seen for future generations. Take only photographs and leave only footprints.

With Crete being the largest Greek island, hosting crystal blue water and white sand beaches, it comes as no surprise that the tourism sector has grown rapidly from the 1960s. Tourism has in such become an integral part of Crete’s dynamic development. 

Sustainable Tourism

When visiting Crete, we highly recommend staying with a company which is recognised for its efforts in providing sustainable tourism. Pure Crete is a founding member of Green Flag International – now Green Globe who promote environmentally friendly practices in the tourism industry. The more tourists staying in sustainable homes and going on environmentally day trips, the longer the island will retain its beauty. Not only does this help the environment and the protect the livelihood of locals, it leaves tourists with a newfound understanding of the effects people have on the land. This is great for the future!

The Solution

Sustainable tourism acts to realign natural resources in a greener way and cater for tourists without damaging the environment.  The whole idea of sustainable tourism lies upon the idea of allowing future generations to enjoy the landscape in the same way as tourists do today. This shows that long-term commitment is required to ensure Crete is well maintained so tourists of the future can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

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