​The Best Time to Visit Crete


​​​​16th August 2016

Crete is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, an island boasting incredible beaches, warm waters, and a history and culture so old that it birthed what would become the Western society we know today. With so much on offer, the best time to visit the island depends on exactly what you’re looking for.

Outdoor and Hiking Holidays in Crete

Depending on how hot you like it in Crete, you may wish to visit in late spring or early summer. In May and June, the temperature reaches highs of 28C with lows of 18C. Rainy days are rare, but possible, while the sea is a mild 19-22C. The mild weather makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring, and it’s also out of the peak season, so you won’t have too many other tourists around.

Beach Holidays in Crete

If you’re more into relaxing on the beach as your perfect outdoor activity, you might like it a little bit hotter and more reliable. If so, July and August is your perfect time to visit, with very hot days at 26C, very warm nights at 22C, and very warm water at 24C, making it perfect for sun worshippers and swimmers. This is, however, peak season for the island, so make sure you book in advance to get the deal you want. September and October, however, can offer days just as hot out of peak season, so it’s worth considering going in the late summer if you want a little bit more seclusion and value for money.


Many attractions on Crete stay closed off season, and open in May for visitors, making this a perfect time to visit if you’re looking to do some sight-seeing. You’ll also find transport services running far more frequently, and a variety of music and arts festivals of all kinds of genres and styles to keep the more culturally minded interested, too. Although there is no single best time to go to Crete, if you choose your timing perfectly, you’re sure to have the perfect holiday to suit your interests. However, with three hundred days of sun a year, whatever time you go, you’ll be unlikely to be disappointed by the weather, beaches, history and incredible scenery on the island. Book your dream trip today with Pure Crete.