You go on holidays to escape from the daily grind and forget – even if it’s just for a week – the places and situations you are used to. However, nothing can be more frustrating that getting on a plane to travel thousands of miles to discover you have arrived in a place that has the same facilities, the same shops, the same people…

If adventure is what you’re looking for on your next holiday in Crete, you should know that it’s more about the attitude than the actual destination. No matter where you are in Crete, we are sure you can easily get off the beaten track and start unveiling lots of fascinating secrets.

1. Talk to People

Forget about the guidebooks you can buy and the directions and advice that people in a travel agency or tourist information centre can give you. Their information can be good – of course – but it’s the same guidelines that many people before and after you will follow.

Instead, once you are in Crete try to talk to the locals, asking them for the best beaches to take a stroll, or that ideal restaurant to have dinner. Language can be an issue, though, but you can also look at forums and other online places where adventurous travellers like you exchange impressions and recommendations. You will be amazed at all the unexpected things you will discover this way!

2. Throw the Map Away

Well, maps are useful, so don’t get us wrong. We don’t want you getting lost in the Cretan valleys all alone when it’s getting dark!

No matter where you are in Crete – in a town such as Kalami, Maxa and Vamos, the beach or the countryside – try to wander around, walking where your intuition dictates, instead of following the steps you marked on a map the day before.

There are so many beautiful things that await at every corner to delight you… Perhaps you discover a farm where they make Kalitsounia – a delicious cheese pie, one of the many treats of Cretan cuisine. Or maybe, when wandering among Crete’s many magical beaches, you might find the cave in Gortys where the Greek god Zeus took Europa, one of his many lovers.

3. Find your Secret Place

After wandering around and having many adventures, what is better than coming back to your own secret spot? Renting a house surrounded by nothing but nature and the warm colours of Crete’s landscape can be very rewarding.

For instance, we have available The Sculptor’s Cottage, with stunning views of Souda Bay and the White Mountains. This unique property is also adorned with the Sculptor’s artefacts, which provide it with a very distinctive atmosphere.

If you want a truly hidden gem, check out Villa Diktamo. This beautiful white house is placed on the outskirts of the village of Stilos, and it is just a ten-minute drive to the beach, while the property’s lush gardens are surrounded by the mountains.

Looking for something different? Check out Pure Crete’s Off the Beaten Track properties, and we’re positive you will find your ideal match! Call us today on +44 (0) 1444 880 404 so we can start arranging your perfect holidays together!