This Christmas, you may have taken the leap and booked your first winter holiday in sunny Crete. While you’ve been greatly anticipating the break from work, your family have been growing more and more excited with every passing second. You might have gotten stuck into researching your holiday destination, you may have amazed yourself with Crete’s wildlife, falling in love with our many villas in Crete, and brushed up on the history of the country, but have you considered the journey?

Children, no matter how old they are, have a tendency to get bored very quickly and sitting around airport waiting rooms isn’t going to relieve them of their boredom. While you’re planning your holiday itinerary, we’ve come up with a couple of easy ways you can keep your children entertained at the airport.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Paper Games

They may seem like simple additions to your carry-on bag but trust us, when it comes down to keeping your children in their seats instead of wandering around the busy waiting areas, paper games become your life saver.

If you’ve exhausted counting the number of aeroplanes in the sky, and if your child has grown restless of playing airport Eye Spy, it’s time to pull out your notebook and pen and play a classic game of hangman, noughts and crosses, boxes or MASH. Each game can last between 5-15 minutes depending on the age of your child, so before you know it, your plane will be ready and you’ll be on your way to Crete!




Learn a New Handclap Game!

When it comes to entertaining children there’s nothing better than playing games. Handclap games will keep your child physically active whilst working on their memory and coordination skills. The best part is that a handclap game is that it will prevent your children from running around the airport and getting in the way of other passengers.

Before you know it you’ll both be learning and making up new handclap games you can play throughout your holiday!

No Toys? Word Games Will Do!

Sometimes, when you’re rushing to pack your holiday bags you may accidently put your child’s travel toy in with your luggage instead of your carry-on bag. If you find you have half an hour to wait for your aeroplane, what better way to entertain yourself and your children than with a fun word game?

Simple memory games such as Going on a Picnic, and one word story games can be make the time fly. Alternatively testing you can test your knowledge and your child’s by playing 20 questions!

There are plenty of ways to help keep your children entertained while you’re waiting to board the plane. The trick is to simply plan ahead and keep your cool; you’re going on holiday after all, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

While you’re herding your family across the world, we’ve got your accommodation ready for you to relax in after your long journey. Relax in comfort this winter, contact us today on 01444 880 404