Holiday planning can seem rather daunting, especially as there are many different accommodation choices to choose from in a variety of different countries.

The majority of people have some form of idea of where they would like to go, which means the real dilemma is choosing which accommodation suits your holiday.

As you can probably tell, we favour villas and although many people will have you believe villas are much more expensive than other accommodation types, as providers of villas in Crete for over 27 years, we politely disagree!

Here are 6 reasons we believe that a villa holiday far surpasses staying elsewhere!

1. You Have More Space

With a villa, you have access to more space and more space (in our opinion) creates a friendlier atmosphere for you and your other guests to enjoy.

It also gives you space to breathe and relax without feeling like you are cramped up in a small hotel room. This means that you can spend those hours where you would be needlessly trailing around trying to avoid sitting in your hotel room relaxing in your villa’s garden.

It also makes large group holidays possible, with most villas boasting multiple bedrooms, making it cheaper to split the cost of one villa between all parties!

2. Villas are Usually Much Quieter

As villas are usually private, isolated houses, they tend to be much quieter than the heavily populated hotels.

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads and streets gives you the advantage of uninterrupted relaxation time without having to worry about if the people in the next room are going to be coming back in at 3am and making a noise.

3. Villas are More Private

Although you are on holiday, you still want some parts of your getaway private. Whether this is your pool time or simply wanting to get away and spend some you time alone, villas offer you the perfect sanctuary to retreat to and remain undisturbed.

Some beachfront villas also offer a private section of the beach so that you can still enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sand without having to constantly battle with other tourists for the perfect spot.

4. Wider Range of Eating Choices

Although we recommend that all visitors to Crete enjoy some of the local delicacies available, we understand that there are some people who simply can’t eat food which they aren’t used to. This may be because they simply don’t like to try new foods or even that a medical condition prevents them for eating certain things.

Villas come with a functioning kitchen which allows food to be cooked at your own leisure. This means that if you want to have spaghetti carbonara rather than trying a local dish, you can do, and what’s more, buying your own food will allow you to save some money as you won’t be paying restaurant and take-out prices.

Villas make booking a flexible, relaxing holiday much easier and you aren’t tied to just a single room in a busy building. If you aer looking for privacy and relaxation, we couldn’t recommend looking into booking a villa more!

If we’ve inspired you to find out more about villas in Crete, don’t hesitate to call our team today on 01444 880 404 and we will be more than happy to find the perfect villa for your holiday.