​Essentials for the Beach


​​​​23rd October 2015

Being an island nation there’s nothing we love more than the seaside! One of the many reasons lots of us travel abroad is to enjoy turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches. At Pure Crete, our vast range of picturesque villas in Crete offer the perfect setting for your time away from home while the island itself grants you stunning days out.

To make your day out at the beach memorable and enjoyable, make sure you don’t forget these very important items!

Baby Powder Does What?

It goes without saying that the beach is messy. If it’s not the sea you’re wiping off your body, it’s the sand; and sand gets everywhere. It’s so invasive, that you’ll be finding sand in your shoes, socks and bags days after you’ve left the beach so make sure you’re prepared for it.

Brushing sand off of your hands, feet and hair is a real pain. No seriously, brushing away sand hurts. It’s no surprise; sand is made up of crushed stones and shells, so it’s not going to feel like feathers on your skin, especially when wet. This is where baby powder comes in handy. Baby powder soaks up the moisture on your body letting the sand fall from your skin. Doesn’t that sound a lot nicer than rubbing your skin raw with a towel?

Take a Dip in the Sea!

The beach should be a place to sit down and unwind, to cast aside those frivolous gadgets and enjoy a day at the beach without the ping of emails and social media constantly distracting you. The sea is your playground and, besides building an epic sandcastle, taking a dip amongst rolling waves can be pure bliss.

Getting water in your ears, however, is not blissful. Not only is swimmer’s ear annoying, it can also give you ear ache. So, next time you’re on your way to the beach, be sure to pack a couple of balloons with you. Why? Well, blowing up a balloon creates pressure inside your ears which forces out the water! Voila, you can hear again!

Make a Base

Every beach goer understands the importance of finding the perfect base to set up camp for your busy day of sunbathing and swimming. Whether you bring a beach tent with you to hide away in, or whether you pin down an array of towels to lay back on, your base should be a place for you to relax… without feeling the tickle of sand.

One sure way of keeping out that pesky sand is by bringing a fitted  bed sheet with you. Place your bags into the four corners to stretch out the sheet and raise the edges. Before you know it you’ve got the perfect sand free zone to relax and unwind in!

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