​Get Him to the Crete!


​​​​22nd September 2015

Are you looking at all the destinations you can get your hands on this autumn? Stop looking! Crete villa holidays are here to save you!

Firstly, get yourself to Crete, where the summer sun is still bathing us in its glorious tanning abilities!

Now you’re there, at least mentally, building up that image of a warm sea, the feel of soft sands between your toes and sun giving you so much vitamin D, you don’t know what to do with yourself!

We’re here to help, with a guide to Crete in autumn, a season we’ve suggested multiple times is the best time to come over! The sun is shining, without burning you and all the locals are happy, and we’ve combed the island for the top things for you to do in Crete this autumn!

1) Check out the Wildlife

Crete has plenty of fascinating flora and fauna to seek out – and if you’re not keen on trekking through the wilds, you can seek out an aquarium or reptile house to see them in comfort!

2) Elafonissi Beach!

If you fancy a bit more of a relaxed holiday, then definitely do not miss out on this beach! A Travellers Choice winner, the soft sand makes you feel like you could sink into it, if you wanted! We love it too, and with autumn the crowds leave it, making this sun-soaking spot all yours!

3) Heraklion

For those who love a little culture and history, Heraklion is a great destination – it’s home to the Bronze Age palace of Knossos, and there are some excellent museums to check out, too.

4) Balos Beach and Lagoon

Back to the beach lovers, this has truly amazing views for the walkers too! The beach has been described by reviews as ‘the best beach’, with reviews like that, we really need not say more. Get moving!

5) Old Venetian Harbour

So much to do, you might be at loss at where to start! Check out the local fish dishes, where the fish is caught fresh every day, go for a swim in the sea and take a ride on a boat! Alternatively, there are many walks which explore the historical side of the harbour – a bit of both historians and sun lovers!

Awarded the certificate of excellence!

6) Samaria Gorge National Park

Let your eyes do the walking… and your legs. The views you will get from here are ones that will stay with you for a very long time! A hike through will make you question why on earth you haven’t been to Crete before and show you a whole new world!

Have we got you actually packing now? Need somewhere to stay? Crete villa holidays from Pure Crete can change that; contact us now on: +44 (0) 1444 880 404!