Sure, sure, it seems counter-productive: getting away from work gives you a great chance to clear your head and feel refreshed, but it can hardly be claimed that it’s actually good for your job. Or can it? Well, we’ve got a bit of good news for you: Next time you start to feel guilty about your upcoming week away, and all the time that it’s going to take away from your job, think about these key ways in which it is actually really good for your work life…

Eliminate Stress to Boost Performance

Even if your working life is relatively stress-free, all of those little problems that bug you on a day to day basis do start to add up and get on top of you. You might not notice the effect that it has while you’re still at work, but once you arrive on holiday you suddenly realise that an enormous weight has been lifted, and the act of relaxing has released some pressure which you didn’t even realise was building up.

You can get rid of the things that are stressing you out of work, but until you’ve actually taken a break and let them wash away completely – preferably in a warm ocean on a sunny, sandy beach – it’s difficult to keep your energy levels as high as they could be. Come back refreshed, however, and you’re ready to take on tasks with all-new energy, more than making up for the time that you lost.

Approach Tasks from a New Perspective

When you are performing the same task day in, day out at work, it’s incredibly easy to slip into a routine. Unfortunately, routine can lead to mistakes and a lack of creativity – so any break is a welcome opportunity to do things differently when you get back.

After all, a holiday is anything but routine! While you’re away you can try new activities and new foods every day, satisfying that taste for adventure that is all too often neglected during the working week.

Factors like these shouldn’t be ignored, because without a fresh, motivated approach your work will be suffering anyway – so minimising the damage with a well-earned holiday could actually be a lot more productive than working yourself to the point of exhaustion. Add this to the quality time that you’ll be spending with your family and the health benefits that come from soaking up a lot of Vitamin D and getting some exercise, and suddenly you’re looking at a lot of great reasons to book that week away.

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