​3 Things Not To Do On Holiday


​​​​21st August 2015

Whether it’s a long vacation or a short break, your holiday time is precious; it’s important to make the most of it. Here at Pure Crete, we want to help you achieve just that; our stunning villas in Crete give you an unbeatable freedom to enjoy your day on your own schedule, without needing to worry about the breakfast serving times in your hotel or when the reception’s open.

There are, however, a few common holiday habits that might be impinging on your holiday time and enjoyment – things we’ve all been guilty of now and again.

Seeing Everything Through a Viewfinder

We’re not saying you should leave your camera behind – Crete has some absolutely beautiful landscapes, and you’re bound to want to take a few holiday snaps to make your friends back home jealous. However, there comes a point where you have to put the camera down and just enjoy yourself.

You may fancy yourself the family photographer but remember, if you’re the sole custodian of the camera, there’s going to be one thing dramatically missing from your holiday scrapbook – you.

Becoming a Lobster

The sun may be one of the great attractions of the Mediterranean – but it’s also one of the big risks. There’s nothing worse than spending half of your break sore all over, wincing at the merest touch upon your skin. Sunburn can turn your brilliant break into a horrible holiday, so be sensible; pack sun cream of an appropriate factor, apply it regularly (particularly after swimming) and cover up when the sun’s at its peak.

Checking In With Work

Picture the scene; you’re sitting on a beautiful beach, just a short stroll away from your lovely villa, listening to the waves roll up on the sand as the sun sets over the horizon… whilst checking your work emails and worrying about whether Debbie in Accounts got that report on time. Is that really the best way to enjoy your holiday? No, we don’t think so. Leave work where it belongs – back home!

However you plan to spend your holiday, here at Pure Crete we’re sure that we have the perfect place for you. From serene villas off the beaten track to houses by the sea, from cosy accommodation for couples to perfect options for large families and groups – for more information or to make a booking, just get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1444 880 404.