Are you considering a last minute holiday to see out the summer? Or are you thinking ahead to your summer holiday next year and want to beat the rush? Whenever you are planning your next adventure overseas, we don’t think you should be considering anywhere but Crete.

Of course, as specialists in providing high quality Crete villas holidays, you might think that we’re a little biased. Whilst that may be, we think that the gorgeous beaches, breathtaking landscapes and brilliant culture can speak for themselves.

Tempted? Here are just 3 quick reasons for why you should be booking your next holiday to Crete.

Historical Towns

Crete has a rich history that is fascinating to explore whilst on the island. There are several attractions which are steeped in the history, which really must be visited. This includes interesting museums, ruins of palaces that housed ancient kings and queens, as well as picturesque harbours that used to be a hub of fishing activity.

It’s the home of the ancient Minoan culture, and was considered as being the central hub of Greek civilisation. Whether you’re exploring the ancient ruins that are all over the island, or visiting the Palace of Knossos – you will find something for everyone.

The Beaches

The beaches in Crete are beautiful! In fact, we think they are part of the reason for why Crete is such a stunning place to visit. There are over 350 beaches to choose from, so we think that there will be one that is perfect for you!

The Chania region of Crete is host to a number of brilliant beaches, from secluded coves to brilliant family beaches. It’s definitely worth a visit! If you’re looking for something more exotic, we suggest that you head down to Mrytos Beach – a romantic beach that has pure white sand and is surrounded by towering cliffs.

The Food

If there was ever one reason for why you should come to Crete for a holiday, we would be putting it all on the food. When looking at the Cretan culture, food definitely plays an important part. The cuisine has been described in the past as being both traditional and distinguished, and we have to agree!

They are famed for their cheeses, and most villages in Crete have their own special kind. The meat is considered as being some of the best in Europe, especially the lamb, which is considered as being their speciality.

There are plenty of restaurants to eat in so you won’t be short of places to choose from. 

If we’ve managed to persuade you that Crete would make the perfect holiday location (and we can’t see why we wouldn’t of persuaded you), then let us make it easier for you!
We have a number of stunning and luxury villas for you to rent in Crete, providing you with an idyllic base to enjoy your time on the island. With a lot of our villas including a pool and unbeatable sea views, where else would you want to stay?
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call on 01444 880 404 and a member of our team will be happy to help.