If you’re looking at Crete Villas for holidays you’ll never forget, why not turn your time abroad into a personal, and loving experience? Celebrating a particular accomplishment, milestone or event doesn’t have to be restricted to your native turf. Every year Brits pack their bags, clamber on to a plane or weave their way through crowds on a boat and head off in search of the ultimate sun, sea and sand locations for their anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and so forth.

Renewing your vows is no different. You don’t have to be confined to the four walls of your local town hall, church or historical monument to experience the love and warmth you’re searching for. You don’t have to hassle yourself with the buffet for friends and family to chow down on, and you don’t need to fret over whether it’ll be too cold or if the rain will dampen your marquee. Renewing your vows in Crete can be an intimate experience where the sun shines on you and your other half all day long. All you need is the right location.


If your dream location consists of sparkling aquamarine seas, soft white sandy beaches void of any and all litter, of a gentle smattering of smooth rocks to seat yourselves on and juniper trees to offer you and your loved ones some natural shade, then the Kedrodasos beach is the perfect place for you to have the best day of your lives.

Located just 76km southwest of Chania and 1km east of the enigmatic Elafonissi Lagoon, the location boasts a memorable and mesmerising stretch of untouched coast in a secluded part of Crete. The privacy and tranquillity of the rolling waves and gentle sand dunes can offer you and your loved one an intimate location to profess to one another that, after all these years, they’re still your forever and always.

Kastro Settlement

Sometimes a gentle, classically romantic location isn’t the type of setting for you. Sometimes you’re adventurous and historically enthusiastic side desperately wants to be fed. In any relationship there are ups and downs and sometimes you have to climb mountains for the one you care about the most. So why not retie your walking boots and set off to the ancient settlement atop the breathtaking Kastro Peak?

Located a mere 3km south of Kavoussi and accessed by an ancient trail, the historical site of Kastro bestows a sense of awe that makes the climb well worth it. Drenched in the golden Crete sunshine, you can stand atop the peak with a perfect bird’s eye view of the Mirabello Bay, Mesonas gorge, Malavra mounts and the gem like island of Psira; a perfect, dramatic and historically rich backdrop for you to face your other half and tell them that the climb might have been steep, but the view was worth it.


We really do adore the third largest town on the Crete island. There’s a reason for that you may think rather obvious; it’s bathed in a rich historic architecture and an atmosphere like no other. From your home town to a foreign town hundreds of miles apart, you may not have considered Rethymnon as your destination for the perfect location when renewing your vows; but reconsider.

Sat in the cool shade of a bay side restaurant in the attractive Old Town Harbour, Rethymnon boasts a renaissance atmosphere dotted with quaint, pebbled streets and beautiful views over the bay. With a variety of modern and classical entertainment on your doorstep, once you’ve renewed your vows you have no need to think about entertaining your family and friends;  the town does it for you.

Turning your holiday into a memorable event is a great way to keep that special day in the minds and hearts of the people closest to your for years to come. With romantic, secluded, historical and mesmerising locations all over Crete for you to choose from, the only thing that will complete your special holiday is a Crete villa to spend your time in. Contact us on +44 (0) 1444 880 404 and we’ll help make your holiday perfect.