Choosing what book (or books) to take on holiday with you can be a frustrating struggle every year, there’s just far too much choice!

What makes a good holiday read? Is it something light and easy? A romance or sordid tale about the Hollywood elite? Do you prefer taking one long novel, or are you looking to take a couple to read whilst away?

If you’re struggling to choose from the hundreds of titles available in your local bookstore, we have narrowed down the options and chosen some of our favourite ones.

1.     The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh

A book about love, betrayal and forbidden relationships – The Lemon Grove is a perfect book to get lost in whilst enjoying the hot weather abroad. A woman reaching middle age becomes attracted to her stepdaughter’s teenage boyfriend, and what follows is something that changes the family forever. Helen Walsh manages to write intimate details about their relationship without it becoming seedy, and the book is extremely insightful as it delves into not just the relationship between the woman and younger man, but relationships between stepmother and daughter too.

We predict that it’s going to be a hit this summer!

2. The Perfect Match by Katie Fforde

If you’re looking for a cute, fluffy and romantic book to take away with you; this book by the brilliant Katie Fforde is definitely one to consider. Bella Castle left her home after having her heart broken – finding a new job as an estate agent and a new boyfriend who she loves. Three years later, the very man who broke her heart is back in her life, and suddenly she is questioning whether she’s really happy or not?

This book might be a little predictable if you’ve read many other romance novels, but it’s still extremely cute and worth a read!

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3. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Are you wanting something a little scary and full of twists and turns? This thriller by Paula Hawkins will keep you guessing until the very last page! Alcoholic Rachel rides the same commuter train every single day, and every day she likes to play the same game with herself. In this game, she gives fictional lives to the people she passes – pretending that she actually knows them. In particular, she sees the same couple each day, and even gives them pretend names – deciding that their lives must be perfect. One day, she sees something she shouldn’t have done, something terrible – but then the train is on the move and there is nothing she can do. What she does do next pulls her into a mystery that might have put her in a lot of danger. Will anyone believe her, even though she spends most of the day so drunk that she can’t remember where she has been? Was she involved in what happened?

This book will keep you hooked until the last page, we dare you to try put it down!

4. Now I See You by Nicole C. Kear

Sad, uplifting, funny – these are all words that describe this stunning memoir by Nicole C. Kear. At nineteen years old, Kear was handed a life changing diagnosis – she’s going blind. She’s told she has a rare eye disease and that it will be less than 10 years before she loses her sight altogether. Instead of dwelling on it, Kear decides to make the most of the time she has left and sets out to see everything that she can. She joins a circus school, she travels the world, and she falls in and out of love several times. When she settles down and has kids years later, she still refuses to tell anyone her secret – determined to keep it to herself. When her vision starts to blur, she realises that she can’t do anything to change the outcome.

The book is sad and moving at the same time as being funny and inspiring – it might make you cry from laughing or just cry in general.

Content woman lying on hammock reading book on the beachNow you’ve got plenty of ideas for the perfect summer reads, it would be a shame not to actually go on holiday! If you’re looking for a stunning and memorable holiday, Pure Crete can help you out.

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