The recent capital controls installed in Greece have had many tourists and future visitors worried as to how the capital controls will affect their stay, be it on their visit to mainland Greece or whilst they holiday in Crete.

The Greek Government have issued a statement to reassure visitors to the country that the controls are aimed only at residents of Greece:

Τhe Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism would like to inform visitors to Greece that capital controls introduced by the Greek Government do not apply to those wishing to withdraw money from an ATM or carry out any other type of transaction using credit or debit cards issued abroad.

Moreover, the Ministry does not expect any inconvenience in visitor’s every day holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.

Greece continues to offer the highest quality of tourism services to its visitors.

Visitors currently in Greece as well as people planning to visit Greece will not be affected by the latest developments and they can continue to enjoy their holidays in Greece without any problems whatsoever.

One issue which visitors seem to misunderstand or find most worrying is that they are concerned they will not be able to withdraw money from their account. Visitors’ credit and bank cards should have no issue in withdrawing money, subject only to queues and the amount of money in the machines, as the money is not coming out of a Greek account, but their own national bank account.

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You can read the full press release from The Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism here