​A Crete Night!


​​​​11th May 2015

There are many stunning places to visit in Crete; from the Diketeon Cave to the richly historical Knossos the island boasts sweeping landscapes, dazzling seashores and breathtaking Crete villas – but what about the nightlife?

Here at Pure Crete, we want you to make the most out of your holiday. This is your time to relax and enjoy your Crete experience, so when you don’t want to spend your night at your villa’s pool, marvelling at the skyline and enjoying a light dinner and glass of wine, here’s what you could be doing in Crete.

Chania Town

After your hikes across the stunning terrain you can relax in the Old Venetian Harbour where you can wine and dine yourselves amongst the locals and experience a real Crete night. But where to go? There are so many lively, chilled-out and surprising bars, clubs and restaurants in the Old Venetian Harbour, so we’ve picked out a few of the best places for you to spend your nights at.

The sky bar at Flamingos Hotel, Agioi Apostolo, offers stunning sky views, a pool and a spa. So while the friendly staff pamper you, you can relax at the bar with the stars over head and your family and friends surrounding you.

If you would like a more social venue, however, and prefer beer and ale over cocktails on your cool Crete evening, Connor Pass Irish Bar would serve you well. Located beside the Faka and Kariatis restaurants, the Connor Pass Bar is the perfect home away from home where you can kick back and enjoy live music, darts and craic with the locals and the bar staff.

Alternatively, if you want to stay cool all night you could visit the Sinagogi Bar. With its old world decor and open air lounge, it caters for both beer enthusiasts and cocktail lovers alike. A busy night with different music playing every evening, the Sinagogi Bar offers a different side of Crete you won’t soon forget.


How do you compliment a beautiful, vibrant city with a stunning nightlife? By catering to eager holiday-goers with the very best bars around!

Compared to the loud, honeypot city of Malia, Rethymno may seem a little tamed. That is until you discover Chaplin’s Rock Bar and Cafe! Ranging from Blues music through to metal, if you’re searching for the best metal head bar in town, Chaplin’s is definitely the place to be.

Of course if you’re on the lookout for a good cocktail bar, you could always visit Entasis Cocktail Bar instead. With cheap drinks and lively entertainment to sustain you throughout the night, what better way to enjoy your evening?

Or if you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere coupled with soul music at ambient levels, The Black Lotus is a stunning bar to visit. Similar to Chaplin’s, it is yet another chilled out bar to round off your busy day of sightseeing.


If you prefer a far more traditional Cretan experience, and don’t mind travelling, why not head over to Anopolis. Located in the West of Crete, a 1hr 45mins drive from Chania, the village has a rich history with traces of its ancient city ruins scattered across the plateau for you to visit. If you’re planning a long day out we certainly recommend visiting this beautiful village. Come evening you can experience a real Cretan night with plenty of traditional food, free-flowing wines and traditional dances in any of the local tavernas.

Whether you prefer bars with rocking tunes, relaxed restaurants with local entertainment or a traditional Cretan experience; Crete’s nightlife proves there’s more to the picturesque island than its rich history and mesmerising landscape.

If you would like to know about what our  Crete villas with pools could offer you after your night out, contact one of our friendly team members today by calling us on 01444 880 404.