Crete is a wonderful island, with plenty of things for the whole family to see and do, from fun activities to some of the most historic sites in Europe.

At Pure Crete, we specialise in providing all of our customers with amazing, memorable holidays in Crete. We know that you and your family will have an epic time visiting Crete for your vacation, but if you still need convincing, here are just some of the reasons why Crete is the perfect destination for your family.

Why is Crete the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families?

As the largest and most diverse of all the Greek islands, Crete truly does have something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in long walks, time on the beach, historical sites or just some fun family activities, Crete definitely has something to offer you.

Crete also has the warmest weather of all the Greek islands, meaning that you can rest assured that you’ll be able to make the most of the time you spend on holiday and can wave goodbye to the UK’s cold and wet weather as soon as you take off from the airport.


Crete has countless attractions that will certainly appeal to your family’s interests, ensuring that you have the best summer holiday possible.

If history is something that interests you, then a visit to Knossos is certainly something not to be missed. An accessible and attractive site, you can enjoy wandering around what is believed to be the oldest city in Europe. The site has very talented and knowledgeable guides who can take you on an adventure back in time, and help you and the kids learn some of Crete’s rich history through the tales of the ancient Minoan culture.

For a fun day out, there are plenty of water parks all around the island. At these attractions, you and the kids can make a splash and have some fun in the sun, shooting down water slides and cooling off in the pools.

There’s also a very popular aquarium on Crete which is perfect for a more relaxed day out with the kids. AquaWorld Aquarium in Hersonissos features snakes, alligators, eels, stingrays, turtles and much more, making it the perfect destination for a day when the summer heat proves a bit too much.


There are so many activities available in Crete, and you can be certain that you’ll find something that you and your family will love.

On the coast, you’ll find a variety of water sports on offer, with something suitable for all ages. From surfing to snorkelling, canoeing to banana boats, you’ll all love your time by the sea.

If you’re a more active family and you enjoy exploring, why not head out on a wonderful walk through the Cretan countryside? There are many mountain ranges and trekking trails you can explore in Crete – Imbros and Samaria Gorges are both very popular. A good walk is the best way to get a first-class view of Crete, and grab some fresh air and exercise, too!

All over Crete, you’ll find many riding schools which offer horse treks across the countryside. As well as being a pleasurable activity, this will also give you a great opportunity to see and explore more of the island. It’s an excellent idea to check well in advance that the company can cater for children and beginners.

With all this on offer, Crete is the perfect destination for your next family holiday, and here at Pure Crete, we can offer you the perfect holiday package to match.