Summer holidays are something that we all look forward too, so of course it’s time to start booking. In our previous blog, we told you all about how wonderful walking in Crete is so we thought that we’d give you another reason so that you can see why holidays in Crete are incredible. in fact, perhaps one of the most popular reasons that people visit Crete is the sunshine; especially in June, July and August – the summer time!

The Summer Weather

The summer months are absolutely gorgeous here in Crete, especially if you’re seeking hot weather. On average the temperatures in Crete reach around glorious 26 – 30°C, which is perfect if you desire a tan or you simply want to relax in the summer sun! It is mainly sunny, with a few white clouds around – it rarely rains during these months, which is good news if you’re travelling from Britain!

Things to do in Summer:

There are plenty of things to do in Crete during the summer time; here are a few favourites for our guests:


Visit the beach

Sun bathe

Boat trips

Explore culture/nature

Water sports

Spot wildlife

Enjoy leisurely strolls

Dine out


If you desire a walking or an intensive sporty holiday, it’s usually more advisable to visit in Spring when the weather is warm and not too hot! However, it is up to you; the summer is the perfect time for water sports and relaxation.

The Night Sky

It isn’t just the day time that is a spectacular; the night sky is absolutely stunning in Crete; it is the ideal destination for budding astrologers, or for those who are just interested in the night sky! In the higher parts of the island and the remote destinations you can experience the stars like never before. With bright stars and clear constellations the sky is alight with beauty – you can even see the milky way if the skies are clear enough. Book a villa off the beaten track to experience the wonders of the sky from your doorstep.

Crete is the perfect destination for your summer holiday, it is full of natural beauty and wonderful weather. So book your holiday for summer 2015 and have the experience of the lifetime!

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