​Festivals in Crete 2015


​​​​3rd December 2014

The island of Crete is rich in Greek history and traditions, so you know what that means – there are many festivals on the island throughout the entire year! Of course, much of the events on the island have a religious background, whatever the festival you’re bound to have an utterly fantastic time!

This is the perfect time to start booking your 2015 holiday, so why not head to the island and enjoy one of these incredible festivals? Read on to find out when they are!

Independence Day – 25th March

This festival is a celebration of the anniversary of the first ever hoisting of the independent Greek Flag. Various celebrations are held right across the island.

The Feast of Ayios Yiorgios (St George) – 23rd April

Feasting takes place in many of the more rural destinations in Crete to celebrate St George; the patron saint of shepherds!

Battle of Crete – From 20th May

The Battle of Crete is commemorated with a variety of events that take place in Chania. This festival usual lasts up to awake and takes place at the end of May.

Feast of John the Baptist – 24th June

Feasting takes place throughout the island to celebrate John the Baptist and also the summer solstice!

Feast of Profitis Ilias – 20th July

You will see many chapels built on hills across the island; these were built in dedication to the prophet Ilias (or Elias). Many people believe he is the Christian version or interpretation of the Greek sun god; Helios.

Assumption Feast – 15th August

This is a very special occasion; many villages will have live music and dancing that lasts all night! You will find that this is celebrated right across the island – it is a very important festival in the Greek calendar.

The Feast of Ayios Titos – 25th August

As the islands patron saint, you can imagine that this feast is widely celebrated and in style! Processions take place throughout the island along with food, dancing and live music.

At the end of the summer season, during August visitors on the island are invited to view a traditional Greek wedding at Krista.

There are plenty more exciting festivals than the ones mentioned in this list – not to mention Easter! These festivals are cultural experiences that are truly exciting; you will certainly have a fantastic time when you visit Crete during this time.

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