Here at Pure Crete, we see all kinds of holidaymakers booking in to our villas in Crete – so we thought we’d put together this short quiz so you can find out what kind of holidaymaker you are!
  • Q1: What time do you get up when you’re on holiday?

    A: With the sunrise!

    B: Fairly early.

    C: As late as possible.

    D: In time for breakfast!

  • Q2: What would you rather find close to your accommodation?

    A: A scuba diving school.

    B: An ancient archaeological site.

    C: A beach.

    D: A taverna.

  • Q3: Which are you most likely to bring back from your holiday?

    A: Exciting pictures to show your friends

    B: A souvenir made by a local artisan

    C: A perfect tan

    D: A slightly expanded waistline

  • Q4: Where in the villa will you spend most of your time?

    A: Bed – you’re out and about during the day.

    B: Living room – reading up on where you’re going next.

    C: Beside the pool – preferably with a drink to hand.

    D: In the kitchen – cooking up a storm.

  • Q5: What attracts you to Crete the most?

    A: The mountains and gorges.

    B: Minoan history and local traditions.

    C: Fantastic beaches and hours of unbroken sunshine.

    D: The Mediterranean diet.

  • Q6: Who do you bring with you on holiday?

    A: Probably nobody – unless they can keep up with you.

    B: You might go solo, but you’d rather have a like-minded friend to debate with.

    C: Your best friend.

    D: Your family.

Your Answers:

Mostly A:  The Avid Adventurer

You plan to get out there and do as much as you can! It’s all about the adventure – whether you’re hiking, horse riding or even scuba diving, the important thing for you is to be active!

Mostly B:  The Culture Vulture

When you go on holiday, it’s all about learning and edification- you plan to take in the local museums and galleries, archaeological sites and local traditions.

Mostly C:  The Glamour Puss

Your plan consists of relaxing and taking it easy – whether that’s by the pool or by the beach. The most active you’ll get is when you head off for a little shopping for a perfect accessory.

Mostly D:  The Food Fanatic

You plan your holiday around mealtimes, taking in the best local tavernas and restaurants and browsing the markets for the freshest local produce.

Of course, many of our holidaymakers are a mix of all four – but whatever kind of holidaymaker you are, we’re sure that we have the perfect accommodation for you! For more information, to check availability or to make a booking, contact us today on +44 (0) 1444 880 404 or email