When you go on holiday, you are probably aware that you need to take a few essentials; from shoes, to swimsuits, to sunglasses and sun cream, your case can become a little heavy and this isn’t even all that you need to take! Don’t worry though, what we’re talking about won’t add any more weight to your already bulging suitcase…so read on and find out what else you need to take away with you so that you can have a fantastic holiday!

Your Adventurous Side!

Although it’s certainly not compulsory to eat foreign food and try new things, it certainly helps you to have more fun. Now we’re not saying you have to go scuba diving, but pay a visit to the local towns and villages, explore Cretan culture and try to do one thing that you’ve never done before! Once you’ve done that you can go back to lounging on the beach…if you so desire!

Dreams & Imagination!

Whilst away you can make your dreams come true; you’re in paradise after all! If you’ve always dreamed of seeing a real life turtle or about going water skiing; guess what – you can do it whilst on a holiday in Crete! Your holiday is a time for relaxation, fun and simply getting away from everyday life. So leave your nightmares at home and bring your wildest dreams away on holiday!


Whilst everyone else is wasting their money browsing the internet on their phones whilst abroad, you should instead seek inspiration and get creative! Crete is the perfect destination for artistic inspiration, so have a go at sketching, photographing or even painting your favourite piece of landscape whilst abroad. Your imagination can take you on the wildest adventures, so remember to bring your creative mind whilst away.

People that You Love!

Ok, so they will take up a lot of space if you choose to put them in your suitcase, so instead arrange to go on holiday with your family or your friends. Many guests who travel to our villas do so with their family; some even choose to get married here – a holiday isn’t a holiday without the people that you love the most.

So, plan your holiday for 2015 and remember to bring all of these essentials with you on holiday – we still recommend you bring your suitcase though! Holidays in Crete with us are absolutely incredible and perfect for every type of person; whether you’re after a relaxing getaway or a holiday full of adventure you can have it here. So don’t delay and book your Cretan paradise today!

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