​Discover the History of Crete


​​​​17th September 2014

Crete is an island with a long and intriguing history, which is reflected in its rich culture and traditions. Here we give a quick guide to some of the best historical attractions the island of Crete has to offer, which are a must see for all visitors to the island.

Venetian Fortress

The Venetian fortress dominates the city of Rethymno, and from its commanding position over the harbour offers great views over the city and surrounding areas. The fortress was originally built towards the end of the 16th century to protect the city from pirates and other invaders. The inside of the fortress is equally as interesting as the outside and is home to a number of fascinating buildings with amazing architecture, including a restored mosque and a quaint church.


Knossos is one of the major tourist attractions the island of Crete has to offer and is an area steeped in history. Indeed the city is thought to be one of the oldest in Europe, having been inhabited for several thousand years. Significantly, an expedition under the direction of British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans in 1900 led to the uncovering of a number of archaeological ruins such as the Palace of Knossos, thought to have been built by the ancient Minoans. Interestingly Knossos is also featured in numerous Greek myths and legends and is truly a fascinating place to visit.

The Ancient City of Aptera

The ancient city of Aptera, situated in the west of Crete, is another famous site steeped in myth and legend, and is thought to date back as far as the Bronze Age. Archaeologists have unearthed many hidden wonders in the area including ruins dating back to the Romans, such as a set of Roman baths and an ancient theatre. Today you can explore the many wonders of the remains of this fascinating city as well as enjoy views from the sites fantastic hilltop position.

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