Whatever your holiday style; whether adventure, walking or relaxing beachscapes is what you crave, Crete offers something to suit every taste. If you’re an animal lover, Crete is the perfect haven to explore, as there’s a wonderful range of mammals, reptiles and sea-life creatures to discover during your Cretan adventure.

Crete’s derelict beaches are the secret treasures of the Grecian island, and offer ideal diving, snorkelling and swimming experience for both inhabitants and visitors alike. Whether you fancy an adrenaline rush on safari or a relaxing dive to explore the depths – here are just a few of the exciting options that Crete has to offer. Fill your diaries with these unique adventures to discover Crete’s beautiful land and underwater wildlife.

Explore the caves

Crete is home to some of the most beautiful caves in the world, offering a range of both underwater and land-accessible cavities that are open for public exploration. The most popular caves to visit include Cave Sfakia, Cave of Agia Sophia and of course, the famous Elephant Cave, which only opened to the public in 2000, so is one of Crete’s most recent open cave discoveries. The cave has become shelter to the Mediterranean seal, which is one of the rarest seal species in the world, and one of the six most endangered species on the planet! Check out local companies for regular caving and exploration trips.

Go diving!

The seas around Crete are full of various breeds, and many of Crete’s water species are endangered, so diving is a fantastic way to enjoy Cretan nature without disrupting their habitat. As a part of the Mediterranean, diving in Crete offers the possibility to discover a wonderful range of all manner of sea and marine wildlife, and excursions are easy to book with many local organisations. Diving and snorkelling provides visitors with unique and spectacular views of underwater scenes and the ability to get up close to the rare and interesting creatures of the deep. The Cretan waters are home to a huge range of various sea turtle breeds, including the green and the leatherback turtle, as well as plenty of octopi, sea urchins, sponges, dolphins and whales.

Explore the sea (by boat!)

Boat trips, similar to diving, allows visitors to stay on dry land (well, kind of!) yet still discover the natural wonders of the deep blue sea. Boat trips allow visitors to enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean, with various breeds of dolphin and whale enjoying the open waters. Some have even been sighted close enough to the boat for perfect photo opportunities! Boat trips offer a wonderful day out for the whole family.

Explore the land

Although native animals are relatively rare throughout Crete due to the reduction in their habitat and the effect hunting has had on their population, many of the native land animals of Crete can still be discovered in the wild. The most popular of the Cretan animals is the mountain goat named the Kri Kri. Although more popular than other native animals such as the Cretan Shrew and the Cretan Spiny Mouse, the Kri Kris are now a protected species alongside many other native mammals. Most native animals can be found within Chania in the ‘Park for the Preservation of Fauna and Flora’; the park is open to visitors between 8am and 4.30pm Monday – Saturday.

We believe Crete to be one of the most exciting and interesting islands of the Mediterranean, and that’s not just because of the wonderful wildlife there is to be discovered. Crete is the perfect holiday for both adventurous types and animal lovers alike, as well as offering an ideal getaway for Crete villa holidays and those who love to lounge by the pool. Get in contact with our friendly team on 01444 880 404 or email us at info@purecrete.com today!