​Spend A Day In Crete


​​​​26th June 2014

Whether this is your first visit to the idyllic island, or you are a self-proclaimed Crete-lover and return every year – there is so much the island can offer your adventures and it can be difficult to find and enjoy it all on your first few visits.

Here at Pure Crete, we want to make sure your time on the Greek island is as filled with culture, adventure and new experiences as it possibly can be, so here is a short guide highlighting a traditional day in the Cretan way of life and what gems to discover during your stay.


Our beautiful, unique and picturesque villa holidays in Crete offer complete relaxation in blissful luxury. Our villas are perfectly located in various villages and White Mountain landscapes to provide the perfect backdrop to your dream getaway, making sure you are surrounded by the part of Crete you want to enjoy. Most of our stunningly traditional villas offer private dining options for alfresco dining on beautiful roof terraces or pool-side verandas, offering you Cretan lifestyle indoors and out.

With your own private kitchen and eating facilities – you can wake up in your own time, make breakfast in your own Cretan kitchen and enjoy the surrounding views whilst eating on your own private terraced area. What more could you want? After breakfast, take a dip in your private pool and enjoy the sun in your private Cretan garden.


Our villas are located near local villages offering plenty of traditional and locally produced fine dining options, allowing visitors to fully indulge in the Cretan daytime activities of the lazy haze island. Cretan inhabitants have a strong passion for life and enjoy the simple things life has to offer; including relaxing in the sunshine outside gorgeous tavernas, and enjoying sweet eats and drinks.

For shopping options, beautiful villages including Chania and Kalives are both within short distance from the majority of our beautiful villas and offer the perfect shopping experience. Tiny back streets also hide away the secret gems of the villages; including local butchers, craft and jewellery shops, beachside cafes and local greengrocers.

If you fancy catching yourself a tan, the local beaches offer never-ending crystal clear seascapes and white sandy beaches. Crete prides itself on the sheer unique and beautiful quality of its beaches, offering once in a lifetime views and pure idyllic tranquillity whilst you enjoy the natural surroundings.


The evening is when Crete comes alive, offering a relaxed yet full-of-experience nightlife programme. The evening sees the local villages; side streets, beachside tavernas and cafes come alive with the smell of local cuisine and fine wine culture. Local inhabitants take any chance to celebrate, and when local festivals are not taking place, inhabitants will often make their own nightlife entertainment and fill the streets with traditional music, dancing and all things Cretan.

The people of Crete are a friendly bunch, and invite all visitors to fully immerse themselves in the local traditions and lifestyle of the peaceful island. If dining in local eating places, why not be a little daring and try culinary dishes that you may not necessarily try if you were at home – when in Crete, eh?

Cretan people are passionate about food, and their creations are full of flavoursome smells and unique tastes. They love using locally grown herbs, spices and vegetables in their foods and use an array of meats, oils and dairy produce to create amazing and never-before-tasted flavours and textures.

For local entertainment, either whilst eating or afterwards, the local bars and cafes offer traditional music and dance entertainments, and locals will be more than happy to teach you the time-honoured steps of the famous Cretan dances. Crete offers some of the nicest and tasteful wine flavours, including a unique range of drinks to try. Be sure to try the local ‘tsikoudia’ – only one though, it is extremely potent!

Crete is a beautiful, traditional and filled-with-culture island offering lots to see and do for any holiday maker. Here at Pure Crete, we feel the holiday home you choose can also make a huge impact to your overall Cretan adventure, so we are proud to offer luxurious, high quality and completely-Crete holiday accommodation options for your family, romantic or solo escape. For further information regarding any of our holiday accommodation options please feel to get in contact with our knowledgeable team on 01444 880 404 or email us at info@purecrete.com today!