The exquisite shoreline of Crete may boast beautiful beaches, but the island’s inland and mountainous regions provide an equally divine escape. There are many mountains and valleys in Crete, with the island playing host to the White Mountains, the Idi Range and the Dikti Mountains. Corresponding with these mountain ranges, Crete has many valleys, including Idaion , which, according to Greek mythology, is the birthplace of the ancient god Zeus. If you explore the destinations that lay off the beaten track, you will discover why villa holidays in Crete really are fit for the Greek gods…

Frangokastello is ideal as a touring base for exploring the South Coast further and great for walkers who wish to explore the magnificent scenery on foot, such as the Kalikratis gorge. The views from the villas offer breathtaking panoramic scenes of Crete, as seen below in this photograph of the view of the White Mountain range.

Frangokastello lies on the Southwest coast of Crete, nestling between the mountains and sea and takes its name from the imposing 14th-century Venetian castle, which can be seen across the Libyan sea. This relaxing seaside village is dotted with tavernas and gorgeous seaside views.

Villa Diktamo (pictured below) is just three minutes drive from Stilos, which is famous for its natural springs, and surrounding tavernas and marketplaces. With an amazingly delicious range of food, music and spectacular scenery to enjoy, you are sure to find everything you need for a relaxing, enjoyable holiday.

Crete’s isolation from mainland Europe, Asia and Africa is reflected in the ecology of the island. Even in the mountainous regions and countryside areas of Crete there are no dangerous animals, unlike many other parts of Greece. Legend has it that Hercules wanted to honour the birthplace of Zeus by removing all harmful and potentially dangerous animals from Crete. Additionally, Cretans believed that the Apostle Paul, who lived on the island for two years, and practising exorcisms and blessings, cleared the island of dangerous creatures.

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