Apart from the clear blue seas, the white sands, gorgeous White Mountain landscapes and picturesque surroundings, there is another very tasty and flavoursome reason why people continue to visit and return to the stunning Greek Island…

Crete is an extremely exciting, vibrant and adventurous destination, offering time-honoured architecture, traditional entertainment and of course, unbelievable fine wine and dining cuisine options that you MUST experience whilst embracing the Cretan way of life. When in Crete, eh?

The majority of Crete’s inspirations, ingredients and recipes have come from the green earth of the Cretan landscape. Rich flora, wild herbs and flourishing fruit and vegetables are the main elements of the most exciting and tasty Cretan dishes.

Here are a few of our must-try customary cuisines that will get your palette tingling and allow you to taste the rich aromas of Cretan tradition. And don’t forget to wash them down with a cheeky Tsikoudia or two!

Starter: Sarikopitakia

These little pastries are filled with sheep’s cheese and then fried in olive oil. The name comes from the iconic traditional scarf, of the same shape, worn by the men of West Crete. Tasty and bite sized, these little treats are usually served as an appetizer or afternoon snack.

Main: Snails

Cretan cuisine has been said to give the French a run for their money in the ‘snail cuisine’ game. Crete have been using these tasty little creatures in Cretan creations for many years, usually served in a basic but flavoursome tomato based or red wine sauce. Added bonus: you will receive some serious Cretan respect from the locals if you try this dish, shells included!

Dessert: Melomakarona

Melomakarona, honey-dipped spice cookies, are traditionally a Christmas recipe but are enjoyed all year round. All over Greece, homes will be filled with the warming smell of these yummy little cookies that are usually placed on tables as nibbles and given as gifts. They are definitely eaten in huge quantities so be careful, they are extremely moreish and you WILL want to take some home!

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