For some of you travellers this may be the first time you come to the beautiful Greek island of Crete and this post will be a brief guide of what to expect as a first time visitor.


With Crete being the largest of the Greek island there truly is something for everyone with its diverse landscape. This includes busy cities full of nightlife to peaceful, rural villages; golden sandy beaches to olive groves and rugged picturesque mountain scenery. Our blog about the Cretan surroundings will explain more about the beautiful view on offer.


With Crete being located south of its fellow islands, it has the mildest climate of them all. With 12 hours of sunshine in the hot, dry summers, you can expect the temperature to reach the low 30s! The winters on the other hand are often mild but rainy. If you are planning on visiting Crete for a physical activity based holiday it is best to visit in spring and autumn.


The Cretan people are famous for their welcoming and hospitable nature and will make sure you have the most amazing time on their island. It is worth noting that if you are to visit a church or a monastery you should cover your legs and shoulders, aside from that usual holiday wear is acceptable on the island.  If you want to read more about the culture read our Ultimate Cretan Culture Guide.


If you weren’t already aware, the cuisine in the Mediterranean is notoriously healthy. The diet consists of fresh local fresh fruit and vegetables and fish. Meat dishes are usually only served once a week and on special occasions. A popular food from the area is the olive and the local families will often make their own olive oil. The people of Crete also tend to eat a lot later than other cultures; around 10 or 11 at night. To read more about the fantastic Food and Drink in Crete read these past blogs.

We hope now that you are wiser about the fantastic island of Crete and all you need now is to have the perfect accommodation to match the beautiful island. Pure Crete villas holidays are the perfect option for anyone wanting to relax and unwind whilst enjoying the Greek sun and explore everything that Crete has to offer.