​A Taste of Crete


​​​​26th February 2014

If you’re passionate about experiencing the true heritage and culture of a country, then you simply must take the time to taste traditional Cretan food and drink. Food in Crete is simple yet extremely special, and tastes incredible too. Whether you decide to eat out at local tavernas or cook for yourself, your holiday in Crete must include a traditional Cretan meal or at least feature a little taster. So, what foods should you expect to find here?

Olive Oil

Upon the beautiful island of Crete there are approximately 60 olive trees per inhabitant, therefore olive oil is one of the staple foods here. It is used frequently in cooking, in fact it is one of the most important aspects of meal preparation; therefore it must be good quality. Olive oil is a huge part of Crete culture and must be respected.


One of the most wonderful things about travelling is getting to taste various cheeses, and Crete will not disappoint you. There are only a handful of Cretan cheeses, but they are phenomenal in flavour, so make sure that you look out for the 3 listed below:

Myzitra – an unpasteurised, fresh cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk and whey. It is soft, creamy and moist. It has a sweet, milky taste as no salt is used in its creation.

Graviera – This is also a cheese made from sheep’s milk, yet is a hard cheese. It is one of Greece’s most popular cheeses. It tastes slightly sweet, however there are many variations, so it is advised that you taste it before purchase.

Anthotyros – A mild, soft cheese that is made in spring time, it is eaten for breakfast with honey and fruit. There is also a hard variant of this cheese that is used for savoury dishes.


Crete is one of the most important honey producers in the world, and has been for thousands of years. The quality of the honey is exceptional, you can find it in the supermarkets or you can buy it directly from the producer, which is a fantastic cultural experience whilst on holiday.

Meat & Fish

Goat and lamb meat is popular throughout Crete. If you travel at Easter you are likely to see lamb being roasted outside in the villages. Sea food is popular; in fact during Lent many restaurants will only serve sea food as it is a period of fasting where meat is excluded.

On your holiday make sure that you experience the traditional Cretan food and drink; it is full of unique tastes and flavours that you may not have experienced before. Give yourself a taste of Crete and you may change your cooking style forever!

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