​A Holiday for Any Season


​​​​29th November 2013

The beautiful island of Crete has so much to offer. It is ideally situated to make the most of the delightful Mediterranean climate allowing it to benefit from glorious weather and thriving natural landscapes all year round.  The island is the most populous of the Greek islands, yet it is not overcrowded or spoilt, and its natural beauty still shines through year round. Here is a seasonal guide to visiting Crete.


Although temperatures can fluctuate from day to night, winter weather in Crete, which lasts from December to March largely remains mild. Crete in winter is perfect if you are not a fan of the sizzling summer heat or the crowds which come with it, but still want to experience what the perfect island has to offer. Daytime temperatures average at around 16°c, and crowds are at their lowest. If you are into water sports, the sea is cool but perfectly bearable with a wetsuit, and you may even get to enjoy a stunning secluded beach all to yourself. Winter is widely regarded as the best season if you want to experience nature at is best in Crete. Occasionally the mountains will receive a light dusting of snow, and many communities across the island embrace this natural beauty.


April brings spring to Crete in style, and sees dramatic reductions in rainfall and increase in temperatures, which remain in the 20s. This makes the climate enjoyable, with beach days possible; however the sea remains relatively cool. Spring in Crete for many is the optimum time to visit as it has the best balance of pleasant weather and few crowds. It is the best time to visit to see the countryside in bloom, and features incredible opportunity to view bird, animal and plant life in their prime. Activity highlights include walking, mountaineering, archaeology and bird watching.

June – September

Crete experiences a long and dry summer. Expectedly it is by far the busiest season for holidaymakers, and brings the warmest weather, which is certainly best if lounging on the beach is your favourite pastime on holiday. During July and August temperatures generally remain in the 30s and at times can peak at 40°c with an impressive 12 hours of daily sunshine with rain being a rarity. If you like a lively atmosphere, busy bars restaurants and tourist orientated facilities, and a different thrilling activity to do every day, then visit Crete in summer.

October – November

Following the bustling summer, autumn brings a welcome calm to the island. Temperatures remain respectable, normally in the low 20s during the day, however rain becomes more common. October and November are an ideal time to visit to experience the best of both worlds in terms of some potentially good beach days, with minimal crowds and without the risk of the sun being overpowering. If you want to experience a bit of culture, autumn brings the harvest of olives for olive oil, and local communities come alive to bring in the harvest together, making it a fascinating time to visit.

Whatever season you feel is best for you to visit the beautiful island of Crete, here at Pure Crete we offer an excellent selection of accommodation to suit any personal preferences as well as the perfect facilities for every season. Our Crete villas include modern and traditionally Cretan styles, and whether you are looking for culture, nature or warm weather Crete has everything to offer.