There has been a long standing love affair between the British and Greek islands for many years and that isn’t a tradition that is likely to cease any time soon. These stunning islands situated in the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean Sea can provide a holiday that everyone can enjoy. There is so much to do; from sunbathing on the beach, relaxing by the sea, experiencing exciting water sports or exploring ancient culture, whatever you want the Greek islands can provide. Here at Pure Crete we love Greek island holidays, so here a few of the many reasons why you should pay a visit to these spectacular islands.

History & Heritage

As you can imagine, the Greek islands are brimming with fascinating heritage and culture because of its extremely long, ancient history. There are hidden historical gems as well as the main archaeological sites that are absolutely incredible to visit. One our favourite spots is located on the south coast of Crete, this is where you will find Frangokastello; a Venetian castle that was built between 1371 -74. It was originally built to deter pirates and to protect Venetian nobles and their high-class properties. The locals of the area at the time named the castle Frangokastello, this translates as ‘Catholic foreigners’ – this became the common name for the area and it is still used day.

Wonderful Wildlife

The Greek islands are in abundance with fascinating and diverse wildlife. Some species remain on the islands all year round whilst others visit at certain times of the year. As Crete is the largest of these islands (measuring 3,219 square miles) it has a diverse habitat that includes; wetlands, ponds, mountains and beaches. This island can support a wide variety of wildlife including; bats, goats, fascinating reptiles, frogs, toads, terrapins, turtles and many more exciting species.

On the coast you will find the most spectacular, coloured fish making it the perfect place to snorkel, if you stand still enough they are happy to circulate around your feet. The Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta) is a magnificent sea creature that is a regular visitor to the Greek islands. They visit in order to lay their eggs on the beaches; they are protected creatures who need the constant consideration of visitors to the islands. If you get the chance to see one of these fabulous turtles it will be an experience that is certain to stay with you for a lifetime.

Relaxing Atmosphere

You go on holiday to relax, and the Greek islands are the perfect place to visit for this, especially if you choose a villa holiday in Crete! Whether you simply want to recline on a sun lounger by the pool or swim in the clear waters of the surrounding sea, you are guaranteed to return from your holiday feeling fabulously refreshed. Isn’t that what everybody wants from a luxury holiday?

If you’re looking for the perfect Greek island holiday do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Pure Crete and start planning your 2014 holiday.