​Top Attractions in Crete


​​​​10th October 2013

When you visit Crete, you’ll find such a vast range of sights and attractions close by that you may have trouble fitting them all in to your holiday. Here are just a few of the top attractions for you to enjoy. 


The city of Chania is an ancient and historic place with plenty to see and explore. This year however, the Firkas Fortress is particularly relevant, as it was one hundred years ago on the 1st December 1913 that the Greek flag was raised for the first time to signify the union of Crete and Greece, and there have been celebrations throughout the year to mark the anniversary.


Kalyves is a beautiful resort close to Chania, with stunning sandy beaches which are ideal for families. It’s not just a tourist destination, it’s also a working village, so you’ll find shops and craftsmen throughout the village too.

Knossos and Phaistos

These famous archaeological sites are a big draw for anybody with a fascination for history. Whilst they’re on opposite sides of the island and about an hour’s drive from most of our holiday villas in Crete, these ancient Minoan cities are both well worth putting aside some time for.


Perfect for anybody seeking exciting activities during their holiday to Crete, this stunning town offers Blue Flag beaches with jet skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, paragliding and much more. For those looking for a more sedate experience, there are many shops and an attractive town square which is perfect for a relaxing drink.

Souda Bay

The British War Cemetery at Souda Bay is a must to visit for any keen bird watcher. The well kept garden here attracts many birds, and allows photographers to get some stunning close-ups. If you’re keen on birds, you will want to bring binoculars with you wherever you go to Crete, as there are many rare birds such as Griffon Vultures, Golden and Bonelli’s Eagles and the Lammergeier that make their homes here.

Whatever you want out of your holiday in Crete, whether it’s sunshine and relaxation, fascinating history or exciting activities, Pure Crete offer a range of superb holiday villas in Crete to suit any stay. Contact us for recommendations or availability today.